Please remember the Safety Guidance:

  • I will fly below 400 feet
  • I will fly within visual line of sight
  • I will be aware of FAA airspace requirements:
  • I will not fly directly over people
  • I will not fly over stadiums and sports events
  • I will not fly near emergency response efforts such as fires
  • I will not fly near aircraft, especially near airports
  • I will not fly under the influence

To operate as a hobbyist, you must operate according to the safety guidance you have acknowledged and in accordance with a community based set of safety guidance. For further information on the safety guidance

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Developing Polaroid into a Drone

Polaroid was best know for capturing the fun instantaneously but over the years technology grew and fun was captured digitally. Now Polaroid is hopping aboard and helping to capture the fun one more time. This time it will be a dynamic adventure recording and taking images from the air. The new angles for new adventures is our vision.

Capture the fun instantaneously!

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